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About Dallas 2012 TV Series

Whether you were a fan of the original Dallas TV series that started in 1978, or you didn’t watch that version, you are sure to love the new 2012 Dallas TV series.  This show is all about the highly privileged Ewing family that lives in Dallas, Texas that owes their riches to the oil industry and the cattle ranching industry.  This series picks up where the old Dallas left off, and is not simply a new version with the same old plots and storylines.  Some of the actors from the old series are coming along to the new one, but now the action will be centered on John Ross Ewing III, who is JR Ewing’s son; and Christopher Ewing, who is Bobby Ewing’s adoptive son.  Both boys are all grown up now, and are much like their fathers, which will be interesting to see.  JR and Sue Ellen will be returning, and other stars from the past show will also be returning as guest stars for certain episodes. 

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Here are some of the new characters:  John Ross Ewing III is played by Josh Henderson.  You may remember him as a member of the pop singing group Scene 23 that won Popstars 2, the singing competition on the WB network, and as Austin McCann on Desperate Housewives.  In Dallas, John is determined to begin drilling for oil at Southfork Ranch, the family homesteads.  Jesse Metcalfe stars as Christopher Ewing, Bobby Ewing’s adopted son.  You may also remember him from the cast of Desperate Housewives, where he played character John Rowland.  Christopher Ewing is actually the biological son of John Ross’s mother, so they are truly blood relations. 

Jordana Brewster of All My Children and As the World Turns fame plays the part of Elena Ramon, whose mother is the Ewing family cook, and who is also Christopher Ewing’s ex-fiance, and John Ross’s long time love interest.  She is also highly educated in the field of energy resources, and is John Ross’s business partner.  A bit of a love triangle plays out around this character!  Rebecca Sutter Ewing is Christopher Ewing’s wife, and is somewhat of a success story as she is an orphan who grew up to finish law school.  She is played by Julie Gonzalo who you may remember as Parker Lee on the Veronica Mars television series.  Brenda Strong is another transplant from the Desperate Housewives cast, and in Dallas she plays the role of Ann Ryland Ewing, Bobby Ewing’s third wife.                

The dynamic between John and Christopher is much like the one that existed between their fathers in the original series.  John is more interested in the Oil side of the business and is concerned with dollar signs, while Christopher is more worried about keeping Southfork Ranch in top shape.  This show is sure to please, as it brings elements of the old show up to the current, and has lots of action packed drama and family politics that will be exciting to watch.

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Dallas 2012 Episodes List

Season 1 – Hiatus

Dallas Season 1 Episode 10 – Revelations August 8, 2012
Dallas Season 1 Episode 9 – Family Business August 1, 2012
Dallas Season 1 Episode 8 – No Good Deed July 25, 2012
Dallas Season 1 Episode 7 – Collateral Damage July 18, 2012
Dallas Season 1 Episode 6 – The Enemy of My Enemy July 11, 2012
Dallas Season 1 Episode 5 – Truth and Consequences July 4, 2012
Dallas Season 1 Episode 4 – The Last Hurrah June 27, 2012
Dallas Season 1 Episode 3 – The Price You Pay June 20, 2012
Dallas Season 1 Episode 2 – Hedging Your Bets June 13 2012
Dallas Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot: Changing of the Guard June 13, 2012

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