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Anger Management

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If you miss seeing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, you should check out his brand new television series Anger Management.  This new series premiered very recently on FX, and is based on the movie Anger Management that was released in 2003, and that starred Jack Nicholson.  In the Anger Management tv series, Charlie Sheen takes on a role quite similar to that of Jack Nicholson’s character in the movie.  Only two episodes of this series have been aired, so if you are looking for a great new series to get into for some fun summer television entertainment, you cannot pick a better show. 

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In Anger Management, Charlie Sheen portrays a character named Dr. Charlie Goodson.  He is joined by a number of great actors, including Selma Blair in the lead female role.  You may remember her from her roles in several feature films including Cruel Intentions, The Fog, and Legally Blonde.  On Anger Management, Selma Blair plays Dr. Goodson’s love interest and former therapist, Dr. Kate Wales.  Dr. Goodson’s ex-wife is portrayed by actress Shawnee Smith.  Shawnee Smith is perhaps most memorable for her performance as Meg Penny in the cult classic movie The Blob, and also appeared in other American films including a few in the highly popular Saw franchise.  She and Dr. Goodson share a daughter, Sam Goodson, who is played by actress Daniela Bobdilla.

Other main cast members include three members of one of Dr. Goodson’s therapy groups.  Noureen DeWulf plays the part of Lacey, who is a young lady who has been spoiled rotten who has found herself in the group because she shot her boyfriend in a jealous rage after he cheated on her.  Michael Arden plays another member of the therapy group. Derek Richardson rounds out the group as Patrick whose anger issue is ironically that he is unable to show anger at all.

From the very first episode, Charlie Sheen delivers and lives up to his reputation for edgy, in your face comedy with a touch of realism.  The very first episode is all about Dr. Goodson returning to therapy, and the internal conflict he has when faced with the proposition of having Dr. Wales as his lover, therapist or both.  It is interesting to note that once again, Charlie Sheen is playing a character named Charlie.  Do not be surprised if more than a bit of Charlie Sheen’s true life personality spills over into his portrayal of Dr. Charlie Goodson on Anger Management.

As the Anger Management television series is truly in its infancy, it remains to be seen what direction this show will take as the plots and sub-plots continue to develop.  One thing is for certain, Charlie Sheen is at it again and once more has a platform through which to share his quirky and unique personality and acting style with the world.  If you are looking for a funny and edgy show to add to your summer television programming schedule, you should definitely check out Anger Management.

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Anger Management Latest Episode – s1 e10

Anger Management Episodes List

Season 1 – Hiatus

Anger Management Season 1 Episode 10 – Charlie Gets Romantic August 23, 2012
Anger Management Season 1 Episode 9 – Charlie’s Dad Visits August 16, 2012
Anger Management Season 1 Episode 8 – Charlie Outs a Patient August 9, 2012
Anger Management Season 1 Episode 7 – Charlie’s Patient Gets Out of Jail August 2, 2012
Anger Management Season 1 Episode 6 – Charlie Dates Kate’s Patient July 26, 2012
Anger Management Season 1 Episode 5 – Charlie Tries to Prove Therapy Is Legit July 19, 2012
Anger Management Season 1 Episode 4 – Charlie & Kate Battle Over a Patient July 12, 2012
Anger Management Season 1 Episode 3 – Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation July 5, 2012
Anger Management Season 1 Episode 2 – Charlie & The Slumpbuster June 28, 2012
Anger Management Season 1 Episode 1 – Charlie Goes Back to Therapy June 28, 2012

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